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Social Media and Influencer Trends in 2024

Uncover the trends that will shape your brand's narrative and influence in 2024.

Watch this exclusive Influencity webinar hosted in collaboration with Creator Economy Jobs.

What to Expect:

  • James' Story at Creator Economy Jobs: Insights into James' professional journey and experience.
  • Entrepreneurial Adventure: James' vision driving this new chapter.
  • Trends in Different Social Networks: New features, legal aspects, and more...
  • Creator Economy Trends and Predictions for 2024: A sneak peek into the social media landscape in 2024.
  • Advice for Brands: Valuable advice and actionable recommendations.

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Uncover Future Trends with Two Expert Trailblazers

Explore what's next in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

Influencity - evergreen webinar social media trends24
The Latest Trends

Delve into the latest trends across different networks and discuss the new features, legal considerations, and more that will shape 2024.

Influencity - evergreen webinar social trends (predictions)

Explore the anticipated trends, cutting-edge innovations, and shifting paradigms that promise to redefine the social media landscape in the coming year.

Influencity - evergreen webinar social trends bombilla
Valuable Advice

Learn how to make the most of this years trends and get valuable tip on how to succeed as an influencer marketing manager

Meet the Speakers

INFLUENCITY Daniel Sánchez

Founder & CEO of Influencity, which is considered to be the most complete AI-powered Influencer Marketing platform with access to over 200M influencers.

Dani's LinkedIn
Creator Economy Jobs James Creech

Founder and CEO of Creator Economy Jobs, James is a 3x entrepreneur who has spent over a decade in the creator economy as a speaker, advisor, and lead expert.

James' LinkedIn

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