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Influencer Marketing: Dos and Don'ts

Discover the intricacies of influencer marketing

Watch this Influencity mini course hosted in colaboration with the creative minds at Giraffe Social.

What to Expect from This Mini Course:

  • Finding Influencers: The best way to discover talent
  • Collaboration Approach: Understand how we approach influencers for potential collaborations.
  • Briefing Essentials: The importance of creating.
  • Best practices & Common Mistakes
  • Measuring Success: The metrics used to gauge success in an influencer marketing campaign.

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Unlock Invaluable Insights and Elevate Your Expertise

Learn from industry experts, avoid common pitfalls, and master the art of influencer collaboration for unparalleled success in your marketing campaigns.

Influencity - talent LP dos&donts

Discover the path to discovering influencers with precision and purpose, ensuring that you not only find talent but also cultivate meaningful partnerships.

Influecnity - collaboration LP dos&donts

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate process involved in identifying, reaching out to, and fostering relationships with influencers who align seamlessly with your brand ethos.

Influencity - metrics LP dos&donts
Measuring Success

Embark on a journey of performance evaluation as we delve into the detailed metrics used to gauge success in an influencer marketing campaign.

The Industry Experts That Will Be With You

INFLUENCITY Daniel Sánchez

He is the founder & CEO of Influencity, founded in 2014 and considered the most complete AI-powered Influencer Marketing platform for brands & agencies worldwide with access to over 200M influencers.

Dani's LinkedIn

She is the Creative Manager and Giraffe Social's influencer marketing aficionado. Skilled in weaving influential narratives, Elo's work is unmistakably authentic.

Elo's LinkedIn

She is the Head Operations and the epitome of efficiency and precision. What truly sets her apart is her dedication to our team's well-being and our clients’ success.

Kate's LinkedIn

Discover the Real-Time Influencer Search Engine and Audit Tool

Influencity is your Influencer Marketing software. A 360º tool that will help you and your team find and analyze influencers, manage campaigns, and measure results. Save time, forecast results, and achieve your goals by taking advantage of our AI-powered platform.