Influencer Outreach Guide:

How to connect, negotiate, and set clear campaign goals [+Briefing and contract templates]

Influencers and their agents have busy agendas, tricky communication channels, and lots of work. In order to start a successful collaboration, you must have a strategic approach and know how to set the rules and expectations once you establish contact.

Download this guide and learn:

  • The best channels to connect with influencers and how to offer them collaborations.
  • How to make an appropriate campaign briefing, leaving no loose ends.
  • How to negotiate with influencers and create a solid collaboration contract (contract template included!).

Clear briefings and clear goals equal success. Are you ready to be the negotiation master?

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Optimize the process of connecting and negotiating with influencers

Put an end to the infinite back and forth when pitching a campaign to an influencer. Create flawless briefings to explain the campaign's goals and rules. Send understandable and unambiguous contracts that will protect your brand's or client's interests.

Seamless communication

Learn the best channels, moments and messages to pitch your collaboration to a content creator. 

Solid negotiation

Discover the essentials in a rule setting conversation for an influencer marketing campaign. 

Contract templates!

Use our Influencer Marketing contract templates to simplify your negotiation and secure legal compliance.


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